Fossil Fuels: Past present and future.

  • What are fossil fuels and how were they formed? 
  • When and how did we start to use fossil fuels?

  • How are we using them today?

  • Is there still a demand for fossil fuels and will this demand continue?

  • How is technology help us to utilise them and prolong the supply?

  • Is there a future for fossil fuels? Can they be used without environmental damage?

1. What are fossil fuels, how were they formed ? 

a) Watch the videos above and use the information from the EESI website to produce an introduction to each fossil fuel. Coal, Oil and Natural Gas. Make sure that you explain how it is formed and what it is used for. 

b) Where are the fossil fuels produced?  Use the map below and the other information on the site to describe the global distribution of Fossil Fuel production. Describe the distribution of each fuel separately and use data in your description.   

The map changes the area of a country based on its fossil fuel production.
Click on the image to find out more.

2. Who produces what? Fossil fuel production.

Fossil fuels, winners and losers. You should now understand that fossil fuels are not evenly distributed. The graph below shows production within a given country. You can change the country by clicking “change country,” directly below the graph. 

c) Use the graph below to compare the fossil fuel production of the following countries. Russia, USA, the UAE, Switzerland, Venezuala and Japan. Include screen shots of the graphs in your notes and always use data. 

d) Take a few minutes to look at the graphs from other countries in order to expand your knowledge further. Any surprises? 

e) Use the graph above to find 2 countries with little or no fossil fuel production. Pay attention to the scale on the Y axis. Insert the two graphs and describe the fossil fuel production for each. 

3. What do we use fossil fuels for and who uses the most.

Where would we be without fossil fuels?

f) Use the videos above and the information from this page  to create a timeline of fossil fuels use. Make sure you include some information about the pre-industrial era. Include data, images and specific examples where appropriate. 

How Much Oil is Left?

Watch the videos below and make notes using the note taking frame above.

i. How Much Oil Is Left on Earth? – Where does our oil come from now?

ii. Has Oil Production Has Peaked – How have the patterns and trends of global oil consumption changed in recent years?

Thanks to Geographypods for this task.