Renewable and Alternative Energy:

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Can Renewable Energy provide the energy we need?

By now you should have a good understanding of why the demand for energy is growing.

You should also understand that there are many problems with our continued reliance on Non-Renewable energy sources.

This means we must look for alternative energy sources, the question is, can renewable energy meet our growing demand or are there other alternatives.


As always the TED talks offer a lot of inspirational ideas to get you started. Click on the logo above and you will see lots of talks that offer solutions to the the energy problem.

iPad Support:

During this project, you will have access to the schools iPads. I have arranged to have the Shell Energy App downloaded onto them.

As many of you have iPads you may wish to download the app. You can find it by clicking on the shell logo below.

Why do you think an oil company are producing an app about alternative energy?

Types of Renewable Energy

Below are some sites to get you started on your research.

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Renewable Energy in Developing Countries

All of these renewable energy sources are expensive, can they help people in developing countries as well?

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This website has some great information that shows how renewables can work in LEDC’s as well.

Or is all this talk of renewable energy missing the point? Should we be trying to reduce the amount of energy we use rather than trying to produce more?

Your Carbon Footprint:

You can use this Carbon Footprint Calculator to calculate your impact on the environment.


Ways to save energy:

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Global Trial Shows LED Street Lighting Delivers Up To 85% Energy Savings

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