Eight million and rising – can Switzerland cope?

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Switzerland’s population is increasing, despite a falling birth rate

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Swiss population continues rapid growth

Switzerland’s population jumped by nearly 85,000 people in 2011, according to the Federal Statistics Office, with the majority of cantons experiencing population growth. The highest growth rates were seen in Fribourg, Vaud and Zug.

Swiss attempt to limit urban sprawl

Urban development emerges from wasteland

As the cities grow, so to do the suburbs: Urban to Rural migration in Switzerland

Middle classes flock to “boomburb”



Why has the population of Basserdorf increased by 50% in the last 10 years?

If so many people have moved there, why is the town dead during the day time?

Who has benefited from the growth of the village?

If you could find someone who had lived in Basserdorf their entire life, what do you think they would say about the changes to the village?

If Basserdorf continues to grow, what does the future hold?